Session Topics of the Symposium

Contributions were received in the following fields and topics:

Topic A: Fluid Mechanics

    A.1: Instantaneous velocity field measurement
    A.2: Space-time data analysis and field decomposition for flow structure analysis
    A.3: Hydrodynamic instability, chaos, coherent structure and weak/soft turbulence
    A.4: Rheological flows and biofluid mechanics
    A.5: Other fluid mechanics applications

Topic B: Fluid Engineering

    B.1: Flow mapping, transient flow measurement
    B.2: Non-Newtonian, liquid metal and other non-water liquid flows
    B.3: Two-phase, multiphase flow
    B.4: Environmental and bio-technology
    B.5: Application to flow metering, other industrial applications

Topic C: Special - Non-Doppler application of ultrasound

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