The 7th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods
for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, April 7-9, 2010, Gothenburg,Sweden


ISUD7 (and AERC2010) will be organized by the Nordic Rheology Society in Göteborg, on the Swedish west coast. Göteborg is a harbour city and water is central to the life. The river Göta Älv divides the city into north and south, before flowing out into one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Sweden. The heart of the city is on the south bank of the river, encircled by what used to be the old moat. Avenyn, Göteborg's main street, stretches away south of the moat, to Götaplatsen square, with its familiar statue of Poseidon.

Sweden is more than 1500 km from south to north. In April you can enjoy perfect skiing conditions in the north whereas spring has arrived in the south. The evenings are bright and the sun sets at 8.30 pm. The spring weather is usually pleasant in Göteborg with afternoon temperatures around 10-15°C with lots of sunshine. Göteborg was founded in 1621 and is rich in historical buildings, museums and art galleries. With a population of half a million it is moderately sized by European standards but has a rich cultural life and plentiful shopping. Göteborg´s size also means that both archipelago and deep forests are only 20 minutes away from the city centre.

Conference Venue

The ISUD7 (and AERC2010) will be held at the Conference Centre Conference Centre of Chalmers University of Technology. The conference centre includes several large lecture halls, the largest seating all participants. There are several restaurants within the conference centre where lunch will be served. The lecture halls are centred around a main foyer where poster and manufacturer exhibitions will be held. During the coffee breaks refreshments will be served in the foyer.

The Conference Centre is just a 15 minute walk, or a 4 minute bus ride from the conference hotel Elite Park Avenue Hotel‎

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