7th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods
for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, April 7-9, 2010, Gothenburg,Sweden

Final Program - Updated 100406

The AERC2010 conference will start Wednesday morning April 7 and end Friday afternoon April 9. There are also three courses to choose from on April 6. On-site registration is available at Chalmers Coference Centre at 17-20 on Tuesday April 6 and during the conference from 8 in the morning.

NOTE: The ISUD7 symposium will start Wednesday morning April 7 and end Thursday afternoon April 9. A full registration gives access to all AERC2010 and ISUD7 sessions, reduced accomodation prices, social activities, ISUD7 symposium dinner, AERC2010 conference banquet etc.

Printable PDF-versions of the AERC2010/ISUD7 conference program are shown below. Please click on each file to download a complete tentative program available as pdf-files for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday(no-ISUD7). Please observe that the program is tentative and subject to change

Wednesday, April 7 (ISUD7 Symposium Day 1)

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Thursday, April 8 (ISUD7 Symposium Day 2)

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Friday, April 9 (AERC2010 Day 3)

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ISUD7 is an integral part of the AERC2010 conference and more details are available on the AERC2010 official website AERC2010 official web page.

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