7th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods
for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, April 7-9, 2010, Gothenburg,Sweden


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By Air

Göteborg has direct connections with most major airports throughout Europe through its two airports Göteborg Landvetter airport and Göteborg CIty airport, the latter mainly being served by low fare airlines. Links to the major airlines and search engines are found to the right. Directions for airport shuttles are found under Getting around.

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By Train

Göteborg is accessible by train from Europe and Copenhagen is only 3.5 hours away and all trains stop at the Copenhagen Kastrup airport. Both Copenhagen and Stockholm (3 hours) are connected to Göteborg by high speed trains which can be booked at Swedish Rail, SJ. Time tables for connections to continental Europe can be found at DB.

By Bus

Göteborg is connected to all major Nordic destinations by bus and to selected continental European cities.

By Car

Göteborg is reached from south and north by highway E6 and from the east by highway E20.

By Ferry

Car and passenger ferries connect Frederikshavn in Denmark (2 hours) with Göteborg as well as Kiel in Germany (over night).

Göteborg municipal transport system

Göteborg offers an extensive municipal transport system with trams, busses, commuter trains and ferries. Central Göteborg is considered one zone where a unit charge applies for travel. This zone is big and and well covers the needs for conference travel. A surcharge only applies at certain express busses so please ask the driver to be on the safe side.

There are many ways to buy tickets. You can buy a cash ticket/one-way ticket at the Pressbyrån shops and 7-Eleven. You can also buy these tickets by text message from a Swedish cell phone. If you would like to travel a lot then it’s smarter to buy a period card. With this card you will be able to travel where you want and how much you want for a 24h or 72h period. They are valid on all vehicles within the municipal transport system as well as on the Bohusbanan, Alingsås- and Kungsbacka commuter trains. All timetables and more information is available at the Västtrafik web page Västtrafik web page.

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Landvetter Airport to Park Avenue Hotel

When you exit customs follow signs for "Bus" and you will find the Airport Bus just outside of the airport building. After SEK 80 and a 20 min ride you get off at the second stop, called "Park Aveny" which is right outside Park Avenue Hotel. You can also take a taxi for about SEK 375 if you go by Taxi Göteborg (phone +46 31 650 000 +46 31 650 000) and ask for the fixed prize to the hotel.

Göteborg City Airport to Park Avenue Hotel

When you exit customs follow signs for "Airport Shuttle" and you will find the Airport Bus just outside of the airport building. After SEK 60 and a 20 min ride you get off at the central bus station "Nils Ericsonterminalen". While at the bus station you can take the opportunity to visit "Tidpunkten" which is the shop and information of the municipal transport system, to buy period cards or single tickets. Then change to e.g. the red or green expressbusses, "Röd Express" in direction Tahult or "Grön Express" in direction Mölnlycke and get off at Berzeliigatan. You are now behind the Park Avenue Hotel, east of the hotel. Walk around the block to the hotel entrance on the street Kungsportsavenyn.

Arriving at SGS student rooms

Find your way to the Korsvägen square which is one of the hubs in the municipal transport system. Korsvägen is the first stop for the Airport Bus from Landvetter airport and the stop after Berzeliigatan for the red and green express busses, see previous paragraph. Take bus 42 in direction Linnéplatsen for a three minute ride to Utlandagatan. Walk up Utlandagata to number 24 where you find the SGS office.

Park Avenue Hotel to Chalmers Conference Centre

Walk across the street from the hotel entrance to the bus stop Götaplatsen. and take bus 58 in direction Skintebo. After 4 minutes you get off at the stop Chalmers just outside the Chalmers Conference centre. You can also walk for 15 minutes from the hotel to Chalmers Conference Centre following the map to the right.

View from the entrance of Park Aveny Hotel

Park SGS Student Rooms to Chalmers Conference Centre

Walk north on Utlandagatan, turn left on Hjulmakaregatan and left again on Ljusstöparegatan. Turn right on Bergsprängaregatan and left on Eklandagatan. Turn left on Sven Hultins gata and stay on the street through it's right turn and continue to Chalmers Conference Centre. The walk takes about 20 minutes, please see the map below.

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